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The After War coming Winter 2017

We tally the cost of war in lives, but for one military family, the greatest cost is yet to be paid.

Inspired by the 2013 Department of Veteran's Affairs report that found a shocking twenty-two U.S. veterans commit suicide each day, The After War is a narrative short film that takes on the subject of the difficulties our returning soldiers face, but from the perspective of a soldier's wife Jennifer, on the day that her mentally ill and estranged husband is on the verge of suicide and her eight year old son has vanished. 

In imagining this film, we've asked the essential question, how would the frequency of the U.S.’s involvement in foreign conflicts change if we evaluated not just the financial cost of conducting war, but also weighed against war's benefits the impact upon the warriors' families and entire communities when they return? Departing from the standard set by other films that take the point of view of the war-torn soldier, The After War asks what does war do to Jennifer? How does war impact their impressionable son Danny, who is capable of both tremendous discovery and potential destruction? 

This deeper look at the effect of war rippling into our communities asks us, was war worth it? The After War is the story of the day the Wilson family crumbles, the day that the bill for war is handed to the innocents for payment.